Woman buys fish for dinner, names it Lazarus after it survives 2 days in the freezer

A woman planning on having a tasty fish dinner instead may have witnessed a miracle.

Metro.co.uk reports Cindy Lao, who lives in England, bought a crucian carp from a fishmonger on February 10 and froze it. When preparing dinner two days later, she removed the fish from the ice and discovered it was still alive.

Her partner, Paul Lewis-Borman, told the outlet, “[Cindy] called me down as she thought she had seen the Crucian carp’s gills moving and asked me what I thought. They certainly were.”

Cindy debated whether to put the fish out of its misery, but instead felt it was a miracle her supper was still alive. So, she threw it in some water, and the carp perked up in about 20 minutes.

She has since named the fish Lazarus, after the biblical figure that comes back from the dead. 

The couple let the fish bum around their bathtub until they found it a more suitable home. Lazarus was eventually given to a woman to live in her koi pond.

“He needed to be rehoused, if for no other reason than my girlfriend was paying the fish more attention than she did me,” Paul joked.

Added Cindy, “We are pleased he now has a good home. The lady told us he now has a best fish friend who he happily is swimming about with in his new home.”