“Massive” raves keep British city up all night

It appears an entire British city woke up on the wrong side of the bed after two “massive” raves kept residents up all night. 

Mixmag reports the secret raves happened in Sheffield, England. South Yorkshire Police Chief Inspector Gareth Thomas said, “Throughout the early hours of Sunday 26 February, police received multiple complaints about noise coming from an event at an unknown location in Sheffield.”

Police were unable to locate the raves in time and seemingly did not uncover any clues as to where the events took place. The police have their suspicions, but the inspector says the investigations are ongoing.

Meanwhile, Sheffield residents took to social media to vent their frustrations after being kept up all night. One groggy resident tweeted, “Urgh to the all-night rave organisers in Sheffield whose event has kept me awake 3 miles away, I hope a pitchfork wielding mob chuck your stupid sound system in the river.”

The secret events reportedly woke up several residents. Based on people griping about the unrelenting techno on social media, ravers seemingly partied past 9 in the morning.