Couple sues fertility clinic alleging wrong sperm was used to inseminate wife

A Texas couple has filed suit against a fertility clinic and associated laboratories alleging their two kids are not their full biological children. They claim the wrong sperm was used during the in-vitro fertilization process.

Camille and Derrick Bryan claim in a lawsuit filed Feb. 8 in a district court in Texas that they learned through DNA tests in August that Derrick is not the biological father of their son and daughter, who are both under the age of 7. The son was born in 2016 and their daughter was born in 2019.

The Bryans’ attorney, Tommy Hastings, told ABC News the test for their son “came back 99.99% that [Camille] is the mom and 0% that [Derrick] is the dad.” The attorney added the Bryans subsequently undertook a DNA test for their daughter, which also returned a 0% paternal result for Derrick.

The Bryans’ lawsuit names a Fort Worth-based fertility clinic and one of its doctors and four IVF-focused laboratories associated with them, alleging the defendants “recklessly, negligently, or intentionally mishandled the sperm and allowed an unknown donor to be used to fertilize Camille’s eggs.”

The Bryans are requesting a trial by jury and seeking monetary damages of over $1 million, according to the lawsuit.

Fort Worth Fertility told ABC News in a statement issued on behalf of both the clinic and the doctor that it is not commenting on the lawsuit.