Parents put on blast for apparently helping their son cheat theme park height requirements

A couple has found themselves in hot water for doing something to make their son happy. Unfortunately, that thing was making their young child tall enough to get on a theme park’s big kid rides.

The Kelly family shared a recent TikTok about their “thrill-seeking” son Kannon, who “can’t get enough of” theme park rides. They then speak of the problem their kid has: He’s not tall enough to ride them.

“But we didn’t want that to stop him from feeling the rush,” the father narrates. So, he and his wife manufactured some platform shoes for their kid, thus allowing him to cheat the park’s measuring system.

They used extra flip flop bottoms and a “towering heel” to give their son the extra height he needed to ride those big kid rides.

Understandably, the video fell flat with the TikTok community, with some warning those height requirements are in place to protect the riders. 

Several commenters claimed to be theme park workers and lectured the parents on the potential consequences that can come of their actions, which include a ban from the parks or their child risking serious injury.

The backlash was so intense, the Kelly family released a new TikTok video to clear the air. The father claimed he doesn’t condone putting kids on rides they’re not tall enough for and accused the critics of not knowing what actually happened in the video.

“In the video, you didn’t see [my son] go on any rides. All you saw was him wearing a platform shoe,” he said, claiming his son actually met the 38-inch height requirement to get on the rides.

The video appeared to worsen their situation, so the dad followed up with a new apology video in which he called himself “a flawed individual.”