Poll shows increasing number of Americans say the government is our main problem

While people argue back and forth online — and at the dinner table — along political lines, a new Gallup poll shows Americans have one thing in common: We’re not happy with our government. 

A new survey from the polling company showed that Americans cited “the government/poor leadership” as the nation’s top problem, even more so than inflation or the southern border. 

In fact, in the late January poll, 21% of those polled pointed at our elected leaders as the biggest problem we have in this country — a jump from 15% in a November/December poll. 

By comparison, the economy and high inflation tied at a relatively distant second, at 15%. 

Illegal immigration is a growing concern, according to the new poll; 11% cited that as the top problem in the country, ranking third, up from 8% late last year. 

“The economy in general” ranked fourth, despite rosy headlines on the subject, and at 10% was the state of our seemingly divided country to round out the top five. 

It’s worth noting that respondents were more than five times more upset at the government than they were about rising crime, which came in at 4% as this country’s biggest problem.  

And in more bad news for D.C., distaste for the government was similar along political lines: 24% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents blame it for the country’s problems, but so did 18% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents.

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