Looks like they didn’t know how to “Pivot!”

A viral story is causing a lot of people to shout “Pivot!” from that infamous Friends scene. Why? Because it involves an oversized couch and a narrow staircase.

Manchester Evening News reports 27-year-old Luke Ansell moved into a home in Bournemouth, England, and dropped roughly $2,400 on a new couch. He had it delivered to his home, but things quickly went awry when the two movers tried taking it up to the second level.

Ansell claims he told the movers the passageway was tight, to which they allegedly assured him they have plenty of experience in maneuvering clunky furniture in narrow spaces.

Somehow the sofa got stuck, and the movers left it wedged in the staircase, leaving Ansell to figure things out —and deal with the damage they allegedly caused. Photos of the abandoned couch show the holes it left in the wall and cracks in the plaster.

He claims the movers asked if he could rip out the banisters to give them more room, which he declined to do. Ansell said after the sofa was properly stuck, “They said, ‘look we’ve got to get back to Birmingham’ and tried to leave. They asked me to sign for the delivery – but I refused … Then they just left it there and went back to Birmingham.”

The company that delivered the sofa denies the account and said Ansell was responsible for ensuring the couch would fit. The company added Ansell assisted in moving the couch.

However, they will give him a new couch and pay for the damages to his home “as a gesture of goodwill.”