Police officers from two states respond to one stuck horse

When a 1,200-pound horse gets in trouble, you need to call in the big guns.

Stamford Daily Voice reports a 20-year-old horse named Tex managed to get himself stuck under a fence at his owner’s property in Stamford, Connecticut. Because he is so large, police from two different states, Connecticut and New York, responded to free him.

Local rescuers found Tex lying on his side under a split-rail fence. The horse was extremely fatigued. Because of the severity of the issue, Capt. Philip Hayes, of the Stamford Fire Department, called in a special horse rescue team from Patterson, New York.

Together, they removed the fencing and stabilized poor Tex. It took roughly a half hour and 30 people to rescue Tex, who thankfully was not injured. 

Once free, Tex was escorted to his stall. Added Deputy Chief Matt Palmer, “He was fed a variety of carrots by responding firefighters and appeared to be grateful for the assistance.”

It wasn’t said how Tex managed to get himself stuck in the fence.