Tank of fish somehow commits credit card fraud

It seems the fish are getting smarter …

People reports a Japanese YouTuber was the victim of credit card fraud. The culprit? Their pet fish.

The incident happened when Japanese gamer Mutekimaru was livestreaming on YouTube. The Mutekimaru Channel is somewhat famous on the website because the owner rigged his Nintendo Switch to let his fish play video games. The game uses motion detection to track where his fish move around in the tank and inputs commands according to where they swim. 

The incident happened while the fish were playing Pokémon Scarlet and Violet; the game crashed, but the fish kept swimming. The motion detection software followed their fins and opened up the Nintendo Store, where they purchased a game for $3.85.

The fish also exposed the gamer’s credit card information to those watching.

Mutekimaru eventually learned what had happened and cleared things up with Nintendo.