Mad turkey takes over mobile home community

The residents of a Coon Rapids, Minnesota, mobile home park are living in fear because of one angry bird.

WCCO reports a turkey has taken it upon itself to become the neighborhood menace. Residents say the wild bird has been attacking people to the point of drawing blood, chasing cars and being a downright drag.

Resident Emily Ahlsten said the community named the bird Reggie when it first appeared in 2021. “We named it Reggie after the pardoned turkey in Free Birds because we thought it was silly; it showed up right after Thanksgiving,” she explained, adding the turkey has long worn out its welcome.

“This turkey has literally taken over our life … This turkey attacks me every single day. Follows me, goes up my stairs, tries to get into my house. When I leave in my car, it follows my car,” Rachael Gross said.

Gross adds the bird isn’t afraid of cars, and is known for climbing up on people’s vehicles and staying there. “It rode with me to Chipotle one time,” she recalled.

Residents are hoping the turkey trots elsewhere and have been following advice from the state’s department of natural resources to make their mobile home park uninviting to their unwelcome guest, but Reggie hasn’t caught the drift.

Those living in the park hope the wild bird is caught and relocated far, far away from them.