Goldendale School Board member unable to be sworn in

Late Monday afternoon, the Goldendale School District became aware of Director District Boundary changes that had occurred in 2011. Neither the District files or County website had been updated to reflect these changes. Both have been updated.

In applying these boundaries, it became apparent that Chris Twohy’s address is not within the Director #1 area. As such, the Goldendale School Board did not proceed with the process of swearing in Mr. Twohy at their January 23, 2023 Board meeting.

When Mr. Twohy was notified, he indicated that he was disappointed, but was understanding and responded graciously to the information. Goldendale School District appreciates the time that Mr. Twohy put into the application process and his willingness to serve.

After discussion, the Goldendale School Board asked administration to review the addresses of the other applicants to determine if they are eligible for the open position. Once this information is provided, the Board will determine how to proceed in filling the Director #1 open position.