1/23 The Dalles City Council Meeting

The Dalles City Council had a full regular meeting last night. The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lisa Farquaharson gave a quarterly report, in which she shared how the Chamber is able to leverage a little money into a lot of advertising. In this example, she told councilors what it would cost to buy a huge splash given to a story about The Dalles in a widely-circulated publication that caters to fishing fans and outdoor enthusiasts.

“The front cover, the inside cover, and half of another page inside would be $7,485. But because I do it in the form of a fam tour – a familiarization tour – I’m bringing down the writer. I pay for him overnight. I pay for his meals and his excursion so he can do this for his publication, and my total expenses were $637.”

She also announced that the Chamber had received a $50,000 grant from Travel Oregon to help train local businesses.

Other items included a contract for repairs on Sorosis reservoir. Councilors had a choice of a package of repairs that would extend the life of the reservoir for 25 years for $600,000 or for 50 years for $900,000. Councilors voted to double the life extension for only a third more money.

Councilors did vote to modify some of the density tables in the city’s management plan and zoning regulations, allowing for more flexibility and higher density of construction in certain cases.

And they voted in some minor fee increases. If you bounce a check with the city, it will now cost you a $30 penalty instead of $35, because that’s what the banks are charging the city. Those new prices go into effect today.