Want to own an actual sliver of land in Pennsylvania?

If you heard the popular phrase, “Yeah, and I got swamp land in Louisiana,” now’s your chance to outdo the age-old comeback. You can own your very own tiny slice of land in Pennsylvania.

The listing for what appears to be an alleyway-sized strip between two established residential areas hit the market this week in Allentown, and the Zillow listing shows just how hard that poor listing agent worked to make it sound like a steal.

The description reads, “Great sliver of land to complement any investor’s portfolio.”

The stretch of land, being sold for a cool $25,000, is roughly 2,400 square feet. For those hoping to get a better idea of what it looks like, its length is being listed at 120 feet, while the width is 20 feet. 

So, basically, if you’ve been wanting to buy a sliver of land that you can use as your own personal catwalk in Pennsylvania, you can now make those dreams come true.