Video: 1/23 Special Goldendale City Council Meeting

Video courtesy of Nancy Kusky of Goldendale TV. Please subscribe to her YouTube Channel.

The Goldendale City Council held a special meeting Monday at 4 pm. Three of the councilors were not able to be present, but there was a bare quorum of four.

The 15-minute meeting had only two items on the agenda. The first was a motion to fund the request from the Kiwanis for funds to replace worn our American flags that are displayed around town on holidays. That couldn’t be funded from tourism funds because all towns put out flags, and tourism funds require the nonprofit to show how it would increase tourism. So councilors voted to fund the group up to the $3,280 requested from the beautification line item in the general city budget.

The second item was to approve a personal service contract with Maria Hutchins, who recently retired from the police department to help her replacement with sorting through more than three thousand files from 2015. Many records have to be retained intact for seven years. After that, they must be sorted carefully into items that may be discarded and items that must still be retained. City Administrator Pat Munyan said it was a two-person job that could take several days. Both motions passed unanimously.