Great, here’s another thing for fast-food workers to be afraid of

If you work in a drive-thru window, listen up. There was an apparent abduction attempt in which a customer tried pulling a barista through the window.

KOMO reports the incident happened at an Auburn, Washington, coffee shop shortly after 5 a.m. Monday. Surveillance footage shows a man in a large vehicle grab the barista’s arm as she’s handing him cash. He tries to pull her out of the window and slip a zip tie over her hand.

She successfully fights him off and retreats. The man speeds away after idling for a moment because he dropped his cash.

Police are now on the hunt for the suspect and say he could be identified thanks to the large tattoo that possibly reads “Chevrolet” across his left forearm. It’s believed the suspect was driving a black or gray Chevy Silverado.

The barista, who had been working at the joint for 15 years, is shaken up, as is the rest of her team.

Fast-food workers seem to be using this as just one example of the nutty things they’ve either witnessed or experienced themselves. While they say tips are definitely appreciated, not trying to kidnap them is the bare minimum they’re asking for.