Citizen Snow Response Checklist

The City of The Dalles Public Works Department is making sure equipment is in good repair and stocking up to prepare our response to winter storm events. But City resources will be stretched to capacity once the snows begin. The job of snow removal is too big for City crews to tackle alone.

You can prepare to assist City crews with winter storms by making sure that the following equipment in good repair and supplies are on hand:

  • Snow shovel and/or snow blower (with gas)
  • Cooking spray for the snow shovel, so snow won’t stick to the blade
  • A stiff broom to sweep snow off of porches and decks
  • Waterproof gloves with a good grip; waterproof boots with good traction
  • Pet-friendly, child-safe, salt-free deicer that won’t harm cement surfaces

While City crews are working hard, citizens will be asked to help in priority order:

  • First priority: shovel and/or sand sidewalks adjacent to their homes or businesses. Safe passage should be cleared within the first two hours of daylight each day. Shoveled snow must be piled on private property, not in the street (except in the downtown area).
  • Second priority: help a neighbor clear the sidewalk in front of their home. Snow that has accumulated on cars that are parked on city streets should be removed so that City plow operators will see the parked cars.

You can call a contractor or contact a volunteer organization before the snow flies if you need help with snow removal.

For more snow response information and a flyer about safe sidewalks and snow shoveling safety go to or call Public Works office at (541) 296-5401.