No one wants to name their kids Elon or Kanye anymore

Here’s a sign why you shouldn’t name your child after your favorite living celebrity.

BabyCenter released its annual list of the most popular baby names and found that people aren’t naming their children after Elon Musk or Kanye West anymore. Both names have taken a nosedive in popularity following their respective scandals.

Kanye fell from grace after making antisemitic comments while Elon has become embroiled in controversy following his disastrous takeover of Twitter.

The popularity of the name Elon tanked, falling a whopping 450 spots from the year prior.  Kanye’s name took an even harder fall — plummeting 3,410 places since 2021.

So, what names are in this year?  BabyCenter says the most popular girl names of 2022 are “Olivia” and “Emma” while “Liam” and “Noah” are the top baby boy names.

That said, if you are struggling to name your future bundle of joy — maybe it’s best to name them after your favorite grandparent than your favorite celeb, because they might end up disappointing you in a few years’ time.