It’s a sad day for Vermont’s nude enthusiasts…

Vermont’s only nude resort is clothing — sorry, we meant “closing.”

WCAX reports the Coventry Club, located in Milton, Vermont, has been in operation for almost 60 years. The area spans 46-acres and allows guests all over the world to enjoy the scenic view and go camping — all while unencumbered by clothes.

The outlet interviewed a club guest who goes by the name Gentle Bear, who said, “Our second day here, we fell in love with the place and the people. It’s a big family, you can’t find anyone better.” Bear said he spends his summers at the club but will now have to find a new place to let it all hang out during the hot months.

The owners of Coventry have decided to sell the picturesque nude resort, saying they are looking forward to retiring.  

The owners tried selling the land to another nudist colony, but instead, a family has purchased the land.