Worker survey shows 72% of employees feel they make a difference at their jobs

While the blank faces of commuters shuffling to work is a well-worn trope, a new survey shows 72% of employees believe they make a difference at work. 

That’s the takeaway from a survey of 1,000 employees that was conducted by Arise Virtual Solutions, which also noted that men more commonly believe this than women. 

While that 72% might be higher than the amount of complaining you’d hear in the coffee room would seem to merit, that means there are still a whole lot of people who feel invisible to their bosses. 

In fact, nearly 20% have no idea whether their efforts matter — or that they themselves matter to their bosses. Eight percent straight up don’t think they make a difference at work — and they’re convinced their superiors don’t value them. 

“This shows that more companies, business leaders and managers need to prioritize making sure their employees feel heard and valued. Regular conversations and open lines of communication go a long way in making sure an employee feels valued at their company, which can go a long way when it comes to employee retention,” explains Arise’s Chief CX Innovation Officer Jonathan Shroyer.