“That was a bit cheap”: Man rewarded six packs of gummies for finding $4.8 million check

If you found a multimillion dollar check and contacted who it belonged to, you’d expect some kind of sweet reward, right? Well, if the check belongs to gummy bear maker Haribo, you should expect disappointment.

German outlet Bild reports a man named Anouar G found a check on the ground outside of a Frankfurt, Germany, train station. He was in for a shock when he saw it was made out to Haribo for $4.8 million. The check, as it turned out, was from a supermarket chain.

Anouar did the right thing and contacted Haribo. The gummy bear maker told him to destroy the check, and he did just that.

Haribo then decided to thank him for finding their nearly 5-million dollar check by sending him a package containing a whopping six packs of Haribo gummy bears. This is apparently what Haribo typically sends out as a thank you.

Anouar said he isn’t impressed by the display. “I thought that was a bit cheap,” he expressed.