The third time wasn’t the charm for this bank robber

A bank robber got a little greedy and wound up behind bars because he just wanted to pull off one last heist.

BlogTO reports a would-be criminal mastermind managed to rob two banks in Toronto, Canada, within a relatively short amount of time. The robber held up one bank around 9:45 a.m. Monday, then beat tracks to rob the next bank about 30 minutes later.

It’s unknown how much money was taken, but Toronto police noted in both incidents a gun was “indicated” but “not seen.” No one was injured in the chaos.

But, police felt there was a pattern and were ready for the thief to strike again. Sure enough, the greedy heist-meister walked into a bank around 12:30 p.m. and was apprehended.

Online reaction has been mostly in awe of the robber, who managed to rob two banks without getting popped.  However, critics say the perp should have quit while he was ahead.

The suspect’s identity has not been released.