Survey shows 66% of Americans prefer Thanksgiving sides to the main course

When it comes to Thanksgiving, a new survey shows a lot of Americans would rather fill up on side dishes than the bird most synonymous with the holiday. 

According to Campbell’s State of the Sides survey, 66% of those polled prefer side dishes to the turkey itself, and half say they’d be fine with skipping the bird altogether. 

In spite of rising prices at the grocery store, 90% of respondents say they’re making as many sides as last year — or in some cases, more sides than they offered guests last year. 

Stuffing topped the list of the most sought-after side dishes, according to the poll, followed by mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and macaroni and cheese. 

Nearly 100% say they look forward to enjoying the sides all over again as leftovers the next day.

In fact, the only issue Americans had when it came to the delicious dishes is just that — dishes: 73% of Americans say they find their plates too small to handle all the stuff they want to load onto them. 

To that end, the company was offering, for charity, a generous-sized, subdivided sides plate. Alas, they sold out nearly immediately. 

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