Police bust massive manure fraud crime ring

Of all the things gangsters could be peddling, it had to be manure.

NRC reports Dutch and Belgian police have stopped the fraudulent international trade of manure after raiding five separate locations around Belgium. In all, 17 people were arrested.

The suspects got farms across the country and the Netherlands, as well as manure processing places and food companies, to collude in lying about the amount of manure they were transporting to clients. Basically, they flubbed the numbers to appear within the mandated maximum use of nitrogen and phosphor, when in actuality they were using far more.

This isn’t the first time such a crime ring has been discovered. Back in 2017, two-thirds of manure companies in Noord-Limburg and Oost-Brabant were popped for doing the same thing.

In addition, the nation’s largest manure management company is on trial for helping farmers sidestep regulations.

Long story short, people are in a pile of you-know-what for lying about how much you-know-what they deal with.