Missing K-9 found “playing with other dogs” after 2-day search

A police K-9 decided to give his department a heart attack when he vanished without a trace while his handler was on vacation. Luckily, all the pooch seemed to want was a little fun with friends.

KCCI reports ´╗┐Zeke´╗┐, who works for the Altoona Police Department in Iowa, managed to escape his handler’s home when they went on vacation. The handler is a trained professional, but it appears they weren’t prepared for this slippery pooch.

Zeke was on the lam for two days and was found in Indianola, which is about 25 miles away. Police say Zeke was apparently having a vacation of his own as he was “playing with other dogs” when he was spotted.

Indianola police cut the pooch’s party short and have since returned him to his owner.