Vincent van Bark: Painting dog sells masterpieces for thousands

We know elephants can paint — but dogs? Turns out a professional pooch named Ivy is very adept at blending colors on a canvas.

People reports Ivy is a 10-year-old Australian shepherd who paints once a week to keep her energy levels in check. When her owner, Lisa Kite got her, she trained Ivy to complete a variety of household tasks to keep her work-loving dog busy.

Ivy learned to fetch drinks and put coins in a piggy bank — but her best skill appears to be her creativity. The dog graduated from watercolors to Crayola paints for kids and now works with acrylics. Apparently Ivy knows how to keep her workspace clean, which is a bonus — but not as much as the cold, hard cash that all goes to charity!

“You would’ve thought she was walking on the moon, how excited I was when she painted her first piece,” said Kite, who is now selling Ivy’s originals for a pretty penny.

She explained, “People from around the world are buying them — she’s sold to almost every continent … We’ve even had a wait-list.”

“Her paintings often sell before I can even post them for sale,” added Kite, adding she even got a gallery in Charlotte to showcase her dog’s art. Ivy’s paintings sell for between $50 and $500.

Check out Ivy’s paintings on her official Instagram.