Person lists rainbow-painted house for a million bucks

Would you live in a house that would make the Care Bears or JoJo Siwa feel right at home? Then you’re in luck!

A Pacific Grove, California, home has just hit the market with a super affordable price tag of $998,000. The single-family residence offers two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a two-car garage. 

But, those details in the listing are not what’s turning heads here — it’s the color scheme. If you stepped right outside of the home, located on 9th Street in Pacific Grove, your eyes would be burned by the sheer amount of colors covering the building from ceiling to stone floor.

In addition to making a bag of Skittles blush, the house is outfitted with an absurd amount of butterfly statues. They are all over the roof, windows, wall, garage door and everywhere else.

The house has been dubbed the “PGs Butterfly House,” per the official listing on Zillow

Inside the home is a bit more muted, but there are still splashes of bright colors that looked like a Lisa Frank folder threw up on it. There’s a bright orange sitting room and kitchen, a hot pink mudroom, bright blue shower and so much more.

So, if you have a million bucks to burn and want to live out your Rainbow Brite dreams — there’s a house with your name on it.