Girls just wanna … break into businesses and cause $350K in damages

Three girls between the ages of 12 and 13 years old racked up quite a bill when they broke into a Florida business.

WFLA reports the unnamed girls snuck into Imperial Foam & Insulation, located in Ormond Beach, and wreaked havoc inside. The girls reportedly slashed bags of ray polystyrene, took forklifts on joyrides and crashed them, destroyed pieces of property and even whipped out some spray cans to draw phallic imagery.

Two of the girls even spray-painted their names onto some foam blocks. Had the girls not made a ton of racket, that piece of evidence could have been a great tool in identifying them.

But it didn’t come to that because employees heard the commotion and entered the warehouse in time to see the girls fleeing. Staff also said they heard the dulcet sound of a spray can going off as they walked toward them.

The children were apprehended by police and were charged with enhanced felonies. The three face trespassing, burglary and criminal mischief.

The business estimates the girls’ escapade will cost about $350,000 to repair.