Pimp solicits undercover police officers, then chases them

(NOTE NATURE, CONTENT) A 39-year-old “pimp” from California was popped by police after he tried soliciting three undercover officers who had been investigating “heightened prostitution activity” in their city.

KTLA reports the Claremont police officers posed as prostitutes and managed to arrest 15 people who fell for their soliciting scheme. Then a pimp decided he wanted to be lucky number 16, so he rolled up and tried enlisting them to join his team.

Jose Berrios, of Lake Elsinore, approached the officers and told them he “would teach them to make real money.” The officers tried brushing him off and moved away from him, which only angered him.

Berrios began aggressively pursuing them in his car and even drove into oncoming traffic as he shouted at them. Police descended on him as soon as he drove into a nearby parking lot.

The man was charged with pimping, driving on the wrong side of the road and possessing a concealed dagger.  It should be noted Berrios is already a registered sex offender and was previously charged with trying to “pimp and pander.”

Berrios has been released from custody after posting bond. He is due back in court on November 21.