Casket company jumps in on Black Friday deals

Instead of buying a new television, computer or gaming console on Black Friday, why don’t you purchase something a little more practical … like a casket?

Titan Casket, which interestingly enough provided the casket for the funeral scene in Taylor Swift‘s “Anti-Hero” music video, is offering a first-of-its-kind Black Friday deal. 

“Buy a casket for your future funeral, get a $50 discount now, and save your family from spending thousands of dollars more at the time of need (hopefully) many, many years from now,” a press release states. This sale has since been dubbed the “Pre-Plan-Your-Casket” program.

So, if you head to Titan Casket’s website, throw in the promo code “FUNERALRULE” to save yourself $50 off your final resting place.