Truck spills chicken waste on highway, creates “offal” situation

What happens when a truck carrying a bunch of chicken waste accidentally spills it all over the highway? You get an “offal” smell.

KFVS reports the incident happened on Kentucky’s U.S. 62, and it created quite the mess — and smelly situation. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet got involved after a truck carrying the putrid muck somehow managed to spill it on the expressway.

Drivers who traveled through the odious offal instantly regretted it because it not only covered their cars in animal parts and stunk to high heaven, it also created a “slick spot” on the highway.

Crew got to work clearing the slimy sewage and used salt to help dissolve the offal’s grease so cars could safely use the road again. Local fire crews tried washing the road, and the local police also responded.

During that time, drivers were encouraged to avoid the highway so their cars wouldn’t get bathed in chicken waste.

Here’s hoping all those involved in the cleanup got a raise … and a good shower.