Did Generation Z pull the plug on after-work happy hour?

With millions of workers returning to their cubicles after working from home, so too is returning the tradition of grabbing a drink with colleagues after work. 

However, the New York Post is reporting younger employees are pushing back. 

The paper chatted with a handful of workers in that demographic and suggested younger employees were hesitant to bend the ol’ elbow with co-workers. 

“I enjoy my private life and enjoy to not hang out with coworkers when I’m trying to relax and not think about work,” 27-year-old asset manager Michael Nicosia opined.

The work-life balance that took center stage during the pandemic seems to be behind the hesitation to take part in the age-old tradition with younger employees, the paper says.

That said, there is a caveat for those who are considering never RSVPing “yes.” 

Life and career coach Allison Tack tells the paper such hangouts are key for networking. “People are often asking me how to get new jobs. And more than 95% of my clients find their new jobs with the support of their professional network,” she explains. 

However, don’t undo that career progress by overdoing it at the bar: “When you’re out with colleagues, it’s your workspace,” Tack warns.