11/14 The Dalles City Council Meeting

The Dalles City Council met last night, and one of the presentations they heard concerned a city garbage rate request. Jim Winterbottom of The Dalles Disposal outlined the request:

“A 32-gallon customer here in The Dalles currently is paying $19.36 a month. Increase would be $1.43 per month, taking it up to $20.79 per month, an increase of 33 cents per pickup.  A 90-gallon roll cart we provide the customer, currently at $28.51, would be going to $30.62 per month, an increase of 49 cents per pickup.”

A yard and a half dumpster, the common kind found at commercial businesses, would go from $103.59 per month for a once a week pickup, to $111.22 per month, an increase of $7.63 per month.

Winterbottom said the 7.37 percent increase was based on 85 percent of the Portland Consumer Price Index, and matches the percentage increase in dumping fees at the Wasco County Landfill.