Potty training gone wrong as toddler gets head stuck in seat

What was supposed to be your run-of-the-mill potty training turned into a rescue mission with firefighters after a two-year-old got her head stuck in the toilet seat. 

The toddler’s mother, Kay Stewart, and older teenage sister, Shannon, both attempted to remove the toilet seat before calling for help, according to the Daily Mail. When firefighters arrived they had to remove to object with a hacksaw.

Explaining the situation, Stewart said, “I was potty training Harper and had turned away for a second when I heard cries of ‘Mammy I’m stuck!’ coming from the bathroom.”

“I rushed in and found Harper standing in the bathroom with the potty seat around her neck,” she continued. “I called Shannon for help and we both tried to get it off, but nothing was working. Harper was really upset so Shannon called the emergency services.”

Stewart, who has six children total, shared that the kids “loved” seeing the firefighters show up with their flashing lights. 

“The firefighters were so calming and kept the other kids busy whilst helping Harper,” she added. “It was brilliant to see how quick they helped us get it off and Harper gave the firefighter a big hug to say thank you.”