Cyclist encounters monkey business during weekend spin

Natani Daehne‘s normal Sunday bike ride ended up being anything but.

The Pinellas County, Florida resident was taking her usual ride when something that looked like an animal she wasn’t used to seeing shot out from behind a fence and made a beeline toward the bike path.

That animal turned out to be a six-pound, 30-year-old black-capped capuchin monkey, named Jack, with a group of handlers from the nearby Suncoast Primate Sanctuary in hot pursuit.

Of course, Daehne did what anyone in her position would do — she whipped out her phone and caught the whole thing on camera.

“A monkey escaped from the primate sanctuary, and they’re trying to round him up,” Natani shared in the video obtained by the Tampa Bay Times. In front of her, you can hear a handler yell, “Alright, just let him come this way!”

Unfortunately, the handlers failed in their attempt to snare the primate, who escaped into the bushes.