Restaurant manager finds out customer didn’t leave behind debit card as a tip

A man who forgot to put his debit card back in his wallet after a trip to Burger King is out over $750 after a shift manager got ahold of it.

WPEC reports a Palm Beach County man woke up to numerous fraudulent charges on his account after dining at a local Burger King. Turns out he had left his debit card behind and an employee found it. The employee gave the lost card to their shift manager, Jamie Damont Jacobs.

Jacobs initially put the card in a safe, but then fished it out 8 minutes later and called his girlfriend, Zykiria Brown. Brown showed up at the fast-food joint a few minutes later and he handed off the card, which she then used on a shopping spree.

The card was used to buy $334.85 worth of goods at Publix, $372 worth of items at Walmart and then $60.44 at a Wawa. Brown then went to Taco Bell for some food, but the card stopped working.

Brown was arrested and said she used the card to buy items for her daughter’s birthday party. As for Jacobs, he denies he knows Brown — even though he was caught on security footage giving Brown the stolen card outside of his Burger King.

Jacobs has since been fired. Both have been charged with trafficking in stolen property, possession of stolen credit cards, illegal use of stolen credit cards and fraud impersonation.