Win a chance to literally count sheep in a “Shleep Sanctuary”

The world is chronically sleep-deprived, but a U.K. company thinks it has the answer: It’s created a contest that will let you and a guest literally count sheep in its Shleep Sanctuary. 

Billed as the “world-first sheep counting sleep experience,” Emma Sleep’s contest will host two guests overnight in “a custom, private sleep dome, with views across the rolling Sussex hills, surrounded by sleep-inducing numbered sheep and a guided experience that brings sleep science and nature together for the ultimate transformative rest.”

In other words, in the cozy domed “bedroom,” the lucky winners will be able to peer through its clear walls to look at — and literally count — a flock of actual sheep that will be decorated with numbers on their flanks. Bedtime will be proceeded by a sumptuous meal made from locally-sourced ingredients and a guided meditation session meant to get you ready for bed.

And if counting sheep isn’t your thing, the fresh air and the peaceful surroundings should do the trick.

If that sounds like just what the doctor ordered, enter here.