Man stabs car in fit of road rage

Road rage incidents are on the rise, and it seems these ill-tempered drivers are having less and less control over their emotions. One man became so fed up, he stabbed a car.

KTLA reports a man named Carlos and his girlfriend filmed a wild showdown in Riverside County, California between a Honda and a Nissan on Saturday night. Carlos said the Nissan was barreling down the 15 Freeway and was weaving in between cars.

“The gray car was actually tailgating me. I actually moved over to the right lane and let him by,” he recalled, and the Nissan went on to bother a Honda. That’s when his girlfriend hit record in case anything escalated.

Her instincts were on the money because when the Nissan pulled off the highway, the Honda followed and pulled up right next to it.

Carlos said the Nissan driver jumped out of the car, stabbed the Honda’s side door and threw a rock at the car as it sped away.

“We we’re looking at it, we’re like, ‘Oh, that’s a knife.’ You can see where he hit the car twice,” Carlos recalled.  

Police were called, but both drivers had fled the scene by the time they arrived, so no arrests have yet been made.  

Carlos said this should be seen as a warning about engaging with irate and reckless drivers. “If somebody’s tailgating, just move over and let them go. It’s not even worth doing all that. For the guy in the Honda, if he would’ve just backed up or let him go, none of this would have happened,” he said.