Apparently Americans can’t pronounce “omicron” and “gnocchi”

English can be a very strange language with its odd rules of pronunciation and spelling — so it’s understandable that people mispronounce a few words here and there. 

Unscrambled Words said in a press release that it wanted to know what words stumped the most people. Basically, they stalked Google data over the span of a year about the words that most commonly complete this sentence: “How to pronounce …”

The word hitting #1, with a total of 20,400 hits, is açaí, which Merriam Webster says is pronounced like “Ah-sa-EE.”  

The Greek community will cringe to hear the second-most mispronounced word: “gyro,” pronounced “YEE-ro,” with 17,660 searches.

Surprisingly, COVID-19 made a showing on this list with the word “omicron” coming third with 15,530 hits.  The word is pronounced “OH-muh-kraan.” In fourth was “charcuterie” — “sharh-koo-tuh-ree” — with an impressive 15,140 searches.

The Vietnamese surname “Nguyen” is fifth, which can be said in several ways — most commonly “n-WIN,” “Win” or “noo-yen,” the publication suggests.  

“Gnocchi” — or “nyoh-kee” — is sixth, while the highly contentious word “GIF” made seventh place. Basically it can be said as “gif” or “jif” — like the peanut butter — and you’ll be correct, says the publication.

In eighth place is “Worcestershire,” which definitely takes less time to say out loud — “wu-stuh-shr,” per Merriam Webster.  

Elon Musk‘s beloved cryptocurrency, “Dogecoin” — pronounced “dohj-coin” — came in ninth, while the delicious dish “pho,” said like “fuh,” completed the top 10.

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