Drunk driver uses pedestrian walkway to sneak around police cruiser

Here’s a sign someone had one too many drinks before climbing behind the wheel. A man in Northampton, Massachusetts mistook a pedestrian sidewalk for a shortcut around a police cruiser.

Mass Live reports the man, from Florence, really wanted to continue on the road of which he was driving, but an officer was blocking the road and redirecting traffic because the street was closed for the Florence Night Out event.

“A male operator drove his car on the sidewalk towards pedestrians to get around the marked police cruiser blocking the roadway,” officers said in a press statement. They descended upon the rogue vehicle because they suspected the man behind the wheel was cocked.

Their suspicions were correct, and a fight ensued to drag him out of the car. “The operator resisted orders to get out of the car and physically fought with the police,” the statement continues. 

Eventually, the man was overpowered and was arrested. He now faces several charges, including his fourth DUI offense.

He was also hit with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, failure to stop for police and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. His identity has not yet been released.