What would you do for a Choco Taco …?

Before we say goodbye to the beloved Klondike Choco Taco, the company is milking the farewell tour with one final stunt. 

Basically, they’re hosting a massive scavenger hunt on the internet and the prize is being among the very last people to score a Choco Taco.

Klondike unveiled its new contest, which serves as a digital race, on Wednesday. Users are tasked to solve a variety of puzzles that provide a new clue directing them to another Instagram profile that presents a new riddle to crack. 

The process repeats itself a total of seven times; once scavengers find all seven profiles, they will “have the tools they need to crack the riddle and open the digital freezer on @KlondikeBar, winning a Choco Taco and bragging rights,” per the press release.

Sounds perfect for those with a sweet tooth who have some time to kill. 

Meanwhile, those who don’t want to do that can simply go on TikTok and find out how to make one yourself without the mental gymnastics.