Move to Iceland, win $50,000

If lining your pockets with an extra $50,000 sounds good to you, then you should consider moving to Iceland.

siggi’s, the yogurt company, is looking for its new chief simplicity offi-skyr and will pay its future hire $50,000 to pack their bags and move to the nation.

The chief simplicity offi-skyr will be in charge of siggi’s social media pages and is responsible for letting the world know how easy it is to live in Iceland. Basically, you’re hired to rub it in everyone’s faces that you get to enjoy the northern lights, hot springs and Icelandic food.  

The new employee will also get connected with restaurant owners, hiking guides and other people who can provide the inside scoop on everything Iceland.

In addition to the $50,000 for moving costs, the new hire will be hooked up with a camera to document the “simpler life.”

“While many companies have been pushing for a healthy work/life balance, siggi’s is the first to offer a gig that truly maximizes living a simple life and enjoying the benefits that the environment and nature have to offer,” the yogurt maker said on its website. 

The job is freelance; to apply, you must have a valid passport, a desire to live a simple life, the ability to adapt to new cultures, strong writing skills and a love for photography.