Painter misspells “School” as “scohol” and then… “sciiiiol”?

Talk about a lot of wasted paint and even more confused students!

The Berkshire Eagle reports that a painter in Pittsfield, MA was hired to paint the word “SCHOOL” in bright, white lettering on East Street so motorosts know they’re in a school zone — but they clearly needed spell check.

After completing the task, Pittsfield High School officials noted that the contractor spelled it as “S-C-O-H-O-L.”  

“I immediately sent them the photo saying we’re not paying until this is fixed,” said city commissioner Ricardo Morales, who hired K5 Corp to do the painting. Morales was more amused than upset, noting the company came back with black spray paint to fix the error.

Unfortunately, the way they spray painted the first “O” and following “H” transformed the word to “S-C-I-I-I-I-O-L.”

Morales said K5 Corp is also seeing the humor in their mistake and have offered to repaint the road at their own expense.