Murphy’s Law comes for groom who wanted to make “dramatic” wedding entrance on dirt bike

A man hoping to score some serious credit at his own wedding instead received a few head shakes from doctors.  Why? He tried to make a dramatic wedding entrance… on his dirt bike.

U.K.’s The Sun reports an unidentified groom in Parma, Italy thought it’d look pretty sick if he rode his bike around a sharp corner and dismount before his bride. Murphy’s Law heard that plan — maybe because he decided not to wear a helmet — and decided to spice things up a bit.

As the groom rounded the bend and sounded his horn as his friends waved checkered flags, the front wheel jerked suddenly and sent him toppling over the handlebars. Video of the mishap shows the groom rolling across the pavement like a ragdoll before he eventually lands on his bum.

The soon-to-be married man, who is very disheveled by this point after snacking on asphalt, then looks around in confusion. He was then rushed to a nearby hospital, where it was found he broke a collarbone. He also needed to get five stitches in his hand. 

This happened while his bride waited by his bedside in her wedding gown and the publication shared that photo as evidence.

At least this guy can say he manufactured quite the memorable story about his wedding day.