Mayor admits to vandalizing a bunch of bicycles

The town of Komono, Japan, was getting ready to investigate who vandalized a bunch of bicycles — but police didn’t have to go too far.

Sora News reports a contract worker reported finding a large pile of bikes abandoned near the town’s free parking lot. The worker, who was on duty to collect illegally parked or abandoned bikes, said the bicycles were flipped over with their tires facing the sky.

He was disturbed by what he saw and told officials, “This is beyond the realm of ordinary mischief.” Those who received the report were also concerned and approached the mayor, Takayuki Shibata, about the odd incident.

His response? “That was me.”

Apparently parking bikes in the free lot by the train station was outlawed in July, so every morning he would pick up any bikes that had been left in the lot and toss them on the nearby street. He noted that because he would carry up to 30 bikes in one outing, he would be too tired to put them upright again.

This went on from July to September. 

Shibata was confronted for his deeds, with some town council members saying he could be sued for property damage and illegal dumping.

The mayor doesn’t appear fazed by the complaints and expressed belief he will not be charged.