Therapist swipes client’s credit cards for psychic readings

A therapist is in a lot of trouble for blowing her clients’ money on a psychic.

Breaking AC reports that a therapist operating out of Ocean City, New Jersey, would steal her clients’ credit cards and use them for psychic readings. The aptly named Ashley Crooks, 32, spent about $40,000 of her patients’ money to gaze into her future.

The therapist specialized in mental health and substance abuse in children, adolescents and adults. Crooks admits she became addicted to getting psychic readings off the Sanctuary Ventures app and said the habit formed after a breakup. 

She first maxed out her cards before pillaging her patients’ accounts. Crooks says she has no idea how many clients’ cards she used.

The Sanctuary Ventures app conducted its own investigation and said Crooks used roughly 30 credit cards within a two-month span. She tried using 20 other cards, but they were declined.

Her account was suspended after the parent of one of her clients argued against two charges on her card. Crooks says she created different accounts to feed her addiction. 

Crooks was charged with unlawful use of credits cards and theft by deception in the third degree. She has since surrendered her license and is working to avoid jail time by participating in a pretrial intervention program, as she is a first-time offender.