Fire danger reduction but burning still closed

Even though the weather is changing and we are seeing some rain and colder temperatures, the fire danger is still high, outdoor burning is still closed. Fire danger levels have reduced to High from Extreme throughout Central Oregon but we’re not done with fire season just yet. Warmer, dryer weather returns this weekend and next week and the potential for wildfires return with those conditions.  

Central Oregon fire agencies are working collaboratively to determine the best time to open burning based on weather and fire safety factors. Escaped debris burning is the leading cause of wildfires in Oregon. Once a debris burn escapes, there is instant threat to your home, neighboring properties and forest lands. Ensuring the conditions are good for safe burning is key to allowing burning to commence. 

Remember to always check with your local fire agency about specific regulations in your area. There are many cities and communities, like the City of Bend, that do not allow debris burning at all due to air quality concerns. Be sure to always check before your fire, every time. Being sure burning is allowed and safe to conduct is a great first step in preventing escaped fires. Call 541-322-6335 for up to date burning information for anyone living in an area covered by Bend Fire Department.