Baaad news for Tom Cruise as sheep invade the set of Mission: Imposible 8

Tom Cruise was very am-ewe-sed when a bunch of sheep wandered onto the set of Mission: Impossible 8 and forced filming to come to a halt.

NY Post reports the actor was shooting in a field within England’s Lake District, which is in the northwest region of the country. Things came to a halt when a flock of hungry sheep meandered toward the set and began munching on the grass. 

While the production may have paused for safety reasons, it could also be that a dramatic scene won’t hit as hard when cute animals are roaming in the background.

Spies on the set say Cruise laughed at the amount of sheep coming toward them and even politely stepped out of the flock’s path so they could continue on their merry way.

This isn’t the first time the actor had to pump the brakes on filming. On Tuesday, several people who were walking around the area happened up on the filming location. Cruise let them stop for a few pictures and spoke to the group.

Filming for the eighth Mission Impossible movie started in July; the film is set to be released in summer 2023. An exact release date and the movie’s title have not yet been revealed.