Video: 9/19 Goldendale City Council

Video courtesy of Nancy Kusky of Goldendale TV. Please subscribe to her YouTube Channel.

The Goldendale City Council met last night noted for its congeniality and some nice bits of good news. Sgt. Mike Smith, sitting in for Chief Hunziker, had one of those bits of good news about Cameron Howell, new hire for the police department, whose recruitment was announced at the September 6 meeting:

“Last time the chief talked about how he wouldn’t be able to enter the academy until January. We got some good news – he’s going to start the academy October 10th. He’ll be done the 21st, so we’ll have him back a little sooner, which is great news for our department.”

City Administrator Pat Munyan reported a couple of street projects are getting close to winding up. That included 18th Street

“They should be completing their concrete work and then that will come back to the council for final approval, hopefully at the next council meeting on the one after.”

Munyan also gave a Byers Street update:

“They plan on pouring concrete next week and finishing the sidewalks. Once that is completed, they will start frmain the approaches back behind those, so there is a smooth transition from the private road back onto the road.”

Munyan said that he spoke with the group of Byers Street residents who complained about some of the construction choices, and said they were going to hold off until the project is completed, then work through and problems that still needed to be fixed.

In other items, councilors voted on a contract for new city clerk/Treasurer Sandy Wells. Previously she had been a union nember, but as a new supervisor, she needed her own contract.

And they finalized the purchase of a new lighting system for the city.