Man announces engagement to “mother” of his “children”: a life-size doll

Dating is hard these days. After countless swipes on Tinder, you might feel like simply giving up. And that’s exactly what one man did.

After struggling with the dating scene, TikTok user @montbk5959 decided that instead of a living, breathing human being, he’d date a doll. That was a year ago. Now he and that doll, which he named Natalia, have started a family and have a few doll “children.” He’s also recently announced to his 10,000 followers that he plans to marry the doll, saying, “They don’t know how much I love her, I’ve lasted all this year with her. I plan to get married.”

Natalia has met his parents, although it’s unclear whether they approve of her — but of course, that can be a struggle in any relationship.