Female driver spots passed-out naked dude in her SUV during long car ride

That must have been one engrossing podcast. A female driver called the cops in Easton, Massachusetts, Wednesday night when she finally realized she was driving around with a passed out, mostly naked guy in the car. 

According to the police department’s Facebook page, they made contact with the driver in a parking lot after she had traveled from her Providence, Rhode Island, home to the Town of Easton in her Chevrolet Tahoe.

Sure enough, when cops looked inside the vehicle they found the mostly naked suspect asleep inside. The suspect, later identified as Jose Osorio, 21, of Providence, had apparently entered the vehicle while the suspect left it running in Rhode Island, partially disrobed and “fell asleep on the rear seat floor,” according to cops.

Cops said it was clear Osorio was extremely intoxicated; he later admitted to drinking and smoking pot before allegedly finding the SUV to sleep it off. 

The owner of the car wasn’t harmed, and Osorio was charged with breaking and entering — a crime for which he’d had an outstanding warrant from another incident. 

The unidentified driver told cops she’d been listening to a podcast for the duration of the trip before she finally noticed her stoned stowaway.