Someone stole Dennis…what a menace!

Once again, the bronze statue of beloved comic character Dennis the Menace has been stolen.

KSBW reports the figure resides at Dennis The Menace Playground in Monterey, California. Police say someone swiped the statue on Sunday morning by hacking off the statue’s foot with a grinder.

Authorities note the job must not have been easy because the statue is 3 feet tall and weighs roughly 125 pounds.

City Manager Hans Uslar is upset by the theft. “The Dennis the Menace statue has a well-earned characterization as ‘a symbol of the goodness and happiness of the City’ and we are all very disappointed to see criminals have taken it once again,” Uslar said. “Hundreds of daily visitors enjoyed the cheerful welcome by Dennis the Menace. We are still hoping to recover the statue.”

The statue was first stolen in 2006 and was never recovered, so a replacement was erected in 2007.  Authorities are hoping history does not repeat itself and that Dennis comes home.